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Exit Dance Theatre's central mission is to connect people of all ages, genders and backgrounds through the collaborative performance of dance-theater.


"Exit Dance Theatre fired every creative cylinder for me and inspired me in my own work."

- Oscar-Winning Actor, Chris Cooper

"This is the best use of modern technique I've seen in years. Choreography, balance, lighting, costume and set served to enlighten and inspire an intelligent audience. Newburyport is lucky to have world class talent in its backyard. More of this, please!"

- Greg Coles, Dancer, Instructor, Artist

"For a sparse stage you filled it with just the right blend of light and dark, line and movement, and sound.  BRAVO, BRAVO..."

- Ian Wallace, Award-winning children's book author

"...your dancers had us all captivated!"

- Mary Granfield, Writer/Artist.

"In the course of one evening, my spirits were raised, my senses enlivened and my heart was touched. This company has it all—their joy in movement is palpable and contagious."

- Marianne Leone, Writer/Actress

2024 Performances

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since 1987!

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